Mux Miner Creates New System for Cryptocurrency Miners

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Mux Miner puts in effort to lower energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining. Users can mine with the MUX series in BCH, BTC, Ether, LTC, Monero, and Dash

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - PrAtlas -- ux Miner has announced that it is currently working on a project to create Software-Particular Built-in Circuit (ASIC) devices that are powered by unique technology. This technology would allow those new to cryptocurrency mining to work more freely. They will be able to discover this activity thanks to pre-established hash functions.

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New series, new goals
The new Mux series from the manufacturer Mux Miner offers multiple advantages. The accessories that make it up have a high hash rate of 1620 TH / s . This rate corresponds to an electrical consumption of 1600W ± 7%. Furthermore, the microstructure of the integrated circuits is already configured to guarantee good optimization to users .

The first people who tested the new Mux series machines say they are very satisfied. One of the team behind the design of the devices revealed that the company hopes to reduce issues with mining cryptocurrency . Among other things, she wants to reduce the cost of the operation.

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In addition, the team plans to optimize the calculation of functions for newbies and old users. This way the hash rate will grow faster.

The advantages of the system developed by Mux Miner
What are the benefits of the Mux Miner Enhance Energy Saver system ? The developers of the solution claim that each machine will have a cooling system , 7 nanometer chip, noise reduction mechanism and regulated operational humidity with PSU and wireless network connection (Wi- Fi) / Ethernet.

The algorithm linked to the system contains globally recognized software and hardware technologies to allow users to mine Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Ethereum (ETH) and several other cryptocurrencies in a short delay.

About Mux Miner
Mux Miner is a chip design and production company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It has several teams that have in- depth knowledge of blockchain and technology design.

The company is present on three continents and offers crypto wallet development services and graphics processing units. She also specializes in the field of blockchain development and cryptocurrency mining solutions .

Mux Miner is a company that has a lot of experience in the blockchain industry. It is thanks to this experience that it has been validated by companies such as Kraken, ASG Expertise and FIS. By putting its experience to good use again, Mux Miner is developing new solutions for cryptocurrency users.



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